Sunday , September 19 2021

Privacy Policy

Advertising Partners Privacy Policies

  • We maintain our privacy policy and also we value the privacy of everyone who visits our website. This policy explains how we use your personal data and other information when you access our website.
  • All trademarks on this website belong to us and/or licensed by those trademark owners for usage on our website.
  • Illegal use of this website may give rise to a claim for damage or be a criminal offence
  • The server must stay uptime for around 99.9%
  • If in case the server gets hacked by third party/any reason, all the relevant files must be provided to us to the maximum of 8 hours
  • If the files are deleted in the server itself, the old version of all files must be provided to us
  • In case of not appearing in the industry/ getting out from the business without prior intimation, then you must be liable to all the regulatory actions taken from our side
  • Making the server down without proper approvals are not allowed
  • We need 60 working days to make the server down and do proper actions
  • It is strictly prohibited that none of our files must be provided to other third party vendors
  • If in case we find any movements similar to the above mentioned case, appropriate legal actions will be taken
  • If we notify or inform any error, it must be rectified and cleared within 8 working hours of time
  • We will be getting two types of hosting such as ‘direct admin’ and ‘cpanel’ and it must be completely supported from the client side
  • We encourage you to carefully go through the privacy policy before you give any information
  • The client information will not be shared to any third party unless in the event of reconstruction or liquidation