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Leading social sharing sites to increase SEO and high traffic

Leading social sharing sites to increase SEO and high traffic

The leading social bookmarking sites will help you to make up the high quality links. The Google search engines are looking for these leading social bookmarking sites when compared to the link signals. When we search for some of the social bookmarking sites, it will help you to yield a large number of results.

But, getting confused about the best social bookmarking sites? Finding difficult to search for the leading social bookmarking sites?

Link Ahref presents you the top social sites that help you to peek out with some of the best social bookmarking sites for making your website rank top in the Google and also to reach higher website traffic. Link Ahref will help you to achieve the best website ranking for any business brand using the listed famous social sites.


This particular messaging app that is completely encrypted is used to send text messages, make video and voice calls, share Medias and you can also share the locations. This type of social media site is found to achieve a large audience reach for any type of business brand.


We all think that twitter doesn’t act much on making any content high on the Google, but this particular site Twitter site helps you to reach greater audience and also acts as an efficient platform for posting your content.


Pinterest acts as an essential social bookmarking site and also it holds an average monthly user base of about 175 million. This will help you to make a better understanding of the importance of Pinterest for making the high website ranking in the search engine.


Instagram is one of the most widely used top social sites and we use that for photo, videos and even for live video sharing. Since, this effectively reaches a greater number of audience, we use this for promoting the website brand. It is found that more than 1 billion users use and spend time on Instagram.


One of the most popular social media networks in the world is the Facebook and this particular site is found to be the major source for providing traffic for your brand content.


If you want to make Question and answer content reach the audience, then this Quora will surely enrich you with the best question and answer site that contains a wide range of topics that are discussed and followed by large groups.


If you like to build your own professional network, then these LinkedIn sites will be highly helpful to make any business brand reach great heights.


This is considered to be the ‘micro blogging’ network which will help you to make your multimedia contents and the related contents much familiar on the search engine in a shorter form.


The video sharing media site is highly helpful in the recent times to reach a large number of audiences. Those videos will be posted which is of 3 to 60 seconds length. It is found to reach around 800 million users.

Facebook Groups:

This is a closed or an open group community for all the Facebook users, who can post their contents that, contains some of the events and questions.


The simplest ways to make your articles read in the offline, online, anytime and anywhere is done using the Instapaper


All the like-minded individuals can make use of this social media network by posting some of the goal-oriented videos that reached the large audience group.


If you want to make and allow others to search the profiles, post notes and view that also and at the same time if you want others to make other profiles and their photos, you can make use of the website.


This site is found to contain a large number of active users that will offer a greater reach for your business website.


The popular video chat application will help you to make video calls and chat and thereby you can let others connect with you easily through voice and video. You can also send some of the images on this site.


For both the mobile and the desktop users, telegram will give the access to share the Medias, chat with the people and also you can send stickers.


It is a video hosting platform that will allow the user to host the videos, create, edit and produce contents for your business website.


This application contains around 1 billion active users and hence you can make this social media site to reach a high audience group.

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